How to Get a CD Out of a 6 CD Changer

By Greyson Ferguson

Although it can store and play more music CDs than a standard CD player, a six-disk player can be confusing at first as to how to remove one specific CD. Removing the correct disk from a six-disk CD changer may take some trial and error, but you are going to eventually figure out which buttons you need to push to eject the correct disk.

Step 1

Power on the CD player. If inserting a CD, take note as to what CD slot you are placing it on. Some six-disk CD players have a flat tray you slide it in, while others require you to slide it in vertically.

Step 2

Press a button marked either "1-2," "3-4" or "5-6." Most six-disk CD players have the CDs arranged by twos when ejecting the CD, giving you access to multiple disks at the same time.

Step 3

Push "Eject" and the CD cover opens and exposes the two different CDs in the current trays. If the disk is not on one of the two locations, push the tray back into the player.

Step 4

Repeat the process with a different set of CDs, then press "Eject" again. Repeat the process until the disk you want out of the changer is on the tray that ejects.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some CD changers have the CD disk number printed on the edge of each CD tray. With this you can take note of the location where you place a specific CD, so when you need to eject the CD you can press the CD tray number's eject button. However, if no tray number is available or if you can't remember what tray in the CD changer you inserted the CD into, you need to perform the trial-and-error approach.