How to Get a Cheaper Deal on Comcast Cable

By Greg Lindberg

Comcast is a leading provider of digital cable and broadband Internet. The best time for getting cheaper deals for Comcast cable is during the summer, when people are moving. If you can change your current cable plan, you should always take advantage of deals that can save you money and perhaps provide service upgrades.

Things You'll Need

  • Satellite dish
  • Cable box

Step 1

Go to the Comcast website and find the latest deals and offers that Comcast is offering (see Resources). Typically, you'll find the newest offers under the Featured Offers heading on the main page of the website. Go to other cable websites and write down their deals.

Step 2

Call Comcast and find out what deal you can get. Let them know if you can get a better deal with another company than what they offer. It's possible that the Comcast representative will try to beat that deal and stop you from going with a competitor.

Step 3

Check the insert and advertisements in newspapers for any Comcast ads, which can offer discounts and coupons for special packages. There is usually a Triple Play package that includes phone services, digital cable, and broadband Internet. These packages are ultimately cheaper together than getting Internet from one provider and just cable from Comcast.

Step 4

Turn in your old satellite or cable box from a competing company to Comcast to get $25 off your bill for 16 months. All you need is a satellite or cable box to turn in; you don't have to have that competitor's service currently.

Step 5

Call Comcast and let them know if you don't like the cost of your cable or if you're having trouble affording it. Tell Comcast that you can't afford its service and that you will go somewhere else if there is a better deal with another provider. Quote the deal with the other provider, and chances are that Comcast will match or beat the competing offer.