How to Get a Free Domain Name

By Techwalla Contributor

A domain name is the physical address to a website - is an example of what a domain name would look like. Domain names can be an extension of ourselves or a business, and anyone can purchase a domain name to start their own website. If you are looking to get a free domain name to avoid paying the yearly fee for registration, which averages around $10, there are a few ways to do it. A free domain name is a good choice for those who are just starting their online presence and want to save money, or for those who can't afford to pay for one. Read on to learn how to get a free domain name:

Step 1

Sign Up for Hosting with a Free Domain NameMany hosting plans include a free domain name registration when you first sign up. In fact, some hosting companies afford you a free domain name registration for every year you stay with the company - which means as long as you pay your monthly hosting bill, you can continue getting your free domain name registration for your website year and year. You will need a hosting plan for your website - not just a domain name - so it's a great deal, especially for those starting their first website. Check out some of the companies below to compare their hosting packages and their deals on free domain name registrations:Dreamhost (free domain name registration every year - use code DHSETUPFREE to waive the set-up fee)Blue Host (free domain name only with select hosting plans)

Step 2

Get a Free Sub-Domain NameInstead of spending money on hosting just to get a free domain name, you can use a free hosting service and get a sub-domain for free instead. Sub-domains work just like domains, except instead of the style:, your free domain name would resemble: You can try your hand at some of the companies listed below to sign up for a free domain name; some also offer a form of free hosting as well:T35 Host Web Host

Step 3

Earn a Free Domain NameSimilar to the way people earn themselves free iPods or laptops, you can earn yourself a free domain name using a referral service. Participation in the program is free, and you have to complete a few offers and refer a few friends to do the same before you will receive your free domain name. The system works by affording you so many points towards a free domain name for completing certain offers and bringing in new users. You can earn up to 100 free domain names a year.To earn a free domain name, sign up with Domain Lagoon below and complete the requirements: