How to Get a Social Security Card Online

By Techwalla Contributor

It's easy to get a Social Security card online. The Social Security Administration has a website with all the paperwork and necessary information to apply for a social security card online. Since the Social Security Administration needs proof of your identity you must mail or bring all necessary documents to a local Social Security office. If you mail the documents, the Social Security Administration should return your documents quickly.Follow the steps below to get a social security card online.

Step 1

To get a Social Security card online, go the the Social Security Administration's website. The link to the Social Security Administration is in the resource section below. Click on the Requesting a Social Security Card link. The service if free.

Step 2

To get a new Social Security card online or Social Security replacement card online, click on the Print an Application SS-5 link. Download the Social Security card application by clicking the SS-5 PDF file. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the form. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download the software for free following the link in the resource section below.

Step 3

Make sure to use the proper identification to get a social security card online. It's not possible to get a Social Security card online without proper identification. Mail or take the completed Social Security card application and all required original documents to the nearest Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration must verify your identity with your documentation. If you are a United States citizen you must show proof with a United States driver's license, state-issued ID, certified birth certificate, or United States passport. If you are not a United States citizen, you must send or bring proof of United States immigration documents from the Department of Homeland Security. Persons under twelve years-old must apply in person. The Social Security Administration will verify birth records of United States citizens. If you are changing your name, you must bring recent proof such as a divorce decree, marriage license, court order for a name change, or Certificate of Naturalization with your current name.

Step 4

To find a Social Security card office in your area look for the link that says, "Local Office Search." Enter your zip code and search. Make sure to check the special instructions for people who live in specific cities in New York, California, and Florida. If you live outside the United States click the "Service Around the World link." The Social Security Administration makes it easy to get a Social Security card online.