How to Get Emails Sent to Your Phone

By Shavon Donnell

Having e-mail access on your phone can be very useful for people who travel frequently for work, are self-employed or simply who have the lifestyle that does not include working from a computer in a 10 by 10 cubicle. Symbian cellphones, Blackberry smartphones, iPhones and Android phones are popular cellphones that allow free email accounts and email setup.

Step 1

Call or visit your cellphone provider to make sure you have a plan that allows Internet access and email set up. Ask about plans that include unlimited Web access to avoid unwanted charges.

Step 2

Choose "Messaging" under "Menu" on a Nokia Symbian phone. Click on "Mailbox" and select "Yes," then pick your mailbox type. Write in your full email address, then your incoming and outgoing mail servers. Name the email account, then click "Finish." Choose "Connection settings" and then "Incoming email." You will then be able enter your login and password for the email account.

Step 3

Select the Application button then the "Email" icon to set up email on an Android phone. You will be presented with an email setup screen. Choose a listed email account type or "Add an account." Type in your full email address and password. Tap "Next." The phone will attempt to determine your server information. If will then give you the chance to name the email account.If the phone fails to obtain your server information, hit the "Manual setup" button and supply the requested information, such as your incoming and outgoing email servers.

Step 4

Click on the icon titled "Email Settings" or "Email set-up" or "Setup Wizard" on a Blackberry and follow the directions. Blackberry smartphones come with free email accounts. There also are options to pick other types of accounts like Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL or Exchange. If you don't use those type of accounts then choose the option to create a new Blackberry email address. Provide a username and password. Other information may be requested as well.

Step 5

Hit the "Settings" icon on the iPhone then "mail, contacts, calendar" and click on your type of account or "Add account." Type in your name, full email address, password and a description (this is optional). To change general email settings such as adding a signature or selecting the "Ask before deleting" option, back out to the settings screen and scroll down to see your options.

Tips & Warnings

  • For every phone listed, you can use more than one email account. Just repeat the steps for each one.
  • When sending e-mail from your phone, get in the habit of checking your "Sent" box to make sure the messages did send and delivery didn't fail due to a weak connection.
  • Make sure to double-check spelling and grammar because sending, because some devices autocorrect your spelling, sometimes choosing a word you didn't mean to use.
  • If you are not on an unlimited plan and you plan to use your e-mail often, you may face huge charges.