How to get ePSXe to run most playstation games

By braniac

So you've decided you want to play some of your old PlayStation games, but are dismayed to find the cds in poor condition, or your PlayStation itself has lost its life. You've done your research and heard about the mystical 'emulators' that allow you to play your favorite games. You've chosen your emulator - eSPXe, load the program... and don't know what to do. Look no further! This article will deal specifically with the emulator eSPXe, and tell you how to configure it and emulate your favorite PlayStation games.

Things You'll Need

  • The program eSPXe
  • CD of your PSX game
  • If your cd is in bad condition, a ISO or CUE of your PSX game.

Step 1

First you will need to configure eSPXe. This may seem tedious and confusing, but it is rather simple. To do this you will need a few plugins that help eSPXe emulate the PlayStation properly. These are:>Video Plugin - eSPXe comes with its own plugin, but it is recommended you search for and download Pete's OpenGL Driver (I use version 1.77).>Sound Plugin - eSPXe also has its own sound plugin, it works decently, but you may want to search for and download P.E.Op.S. D Sound Audio Driver (I use version 1.9)>CDROM Plugin - eSPXe has a good plugin that comes standard with it.>PlayStation Bios - Bios are what tells the emulator how it should emulate the PlayStation, this is one of the most vitals components you need. Search for SCPH101.BIN, the most common bios.

Step 2

Now that we have all the components we need, we have to move them to the proper folders. Locate the folder containing eSPXe (labeled ESPXE for the purpose of this article) and notice the Plugins, and Bios folders. Move your video plugin, sound plugin, and cdrom plugin (if you downloaded any other than the default) to the plugin folder. If you notice any files labeled 'delete me' or 'replace me', get rid of these.Next move your Bios file to the Bios folder, deleting any 'delete me' files as above.

Step 3

Nearly there, dont give up now! Now all that's left is to configure eSPXe to use the plugins and Bios we've downloaded.Run eSPXe. Click Config > then Video. You should see a window open that has a dropdown bar. Click the bar and select the video plugin that you downloaded. Click OK.Now click Config > then Sound. Select your sound plugin from the drop down box, and click OK.Do the same for the CDROM plugin, if you opted to download one.Lastly, click Config > then Bios. Select the bios file that you downloaded, and click OK.

Step 4

Finally! eSPXe is now ready to play your PlayStation CDs, ISOs, and CUE files! Click File > CDROM to run a PlayStation disc from your hardrive, or File > Run ISO to choose a ISO or CUE file to run!

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't mess with the configurations of your plugins blindly, search the net for help!
  • It is only legal to emulate PSX games that you legally own. Downloading PSX ISOs is illegal unless it is to replace a scratched disc or to preserve said discs from wear. In no way do I advocate illegal emulation.