How to Get Facebook on an iPhone

By Missy Jess

Facebook's mobile application allows you to access the social networking website via your iPhone. This free application is available to download via the iTunes app store. Installing the Facebook application gives you access to most of the features available on the Facebook website including viewing your newsfeed, updating your status, commenting on your friends' statuses, reading and sending messages, participating in Facebook's chat feature and more. Additionally, you can upload photos taken with your iPhone directly to Facebook.

Step 1

Touch the "App Store" icon on your iPhone.

Step 2

Touch the "Search" icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the search box and type "Facebook." Press "Search."

Step 3

Choose "Facebook" from the search results. This brings up detailed information about the Facebook application. Tap the "Free" button and then tap "Install."

Step 4

Type your iTunes password and press "OK."

Step 5

Wait for the application to download by watching the status bar under the Facebook icon on the home screen until it disappears.

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