How to get Free Advice From Lawyers online

By Techwalla Contributor

If you have legal issues and would like to talk to lawyers for free. The internet is your friend for free access to lawyers.

Step 1

Visit forums where lawyers visit by doing a search on google for "lawyer forums"

Step 2

After you find the lawyer forum, register for a free membership account so that you can post question or comment on other topics.

Step 3

There are categories for different legal topics such as business, accidents, court, and consumer law, etc. Pick the one that pertains to you and post a question. Your free answer from a lawyer or someone with expert knowledge of the law, should be there in no time as hundreds of members visit the site each day.

Step 4

Contact them by emailAnother more direct method is to visit lawyer websites. You would be surprise to find that many lawyers will listen to your email inquiries and let you know whether you have a strong case or argument against someone. They want to leave you a good impression by explaining to you certain facts that you have going for yourself; they know that if you find their answer to be of value and then you are more likely to trust and choose them to represent you.

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