How to Get Free Home Phone Service

By Palmer Owyoung

With the advent of the Internet, getting free phone service has become easier than ever. There are a number of services that offer voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) technology that will help you to eliminate your monthly phone bills. You will still need to purchase the phone handset, but the service is free. This way, you can talk as much as you want, as long as you want.

Things You'll Need

  • Voice over Internet Protocol handset

Step 1

Choose a free phone service. A few of the available services are Magic Jack, Ooma and Vonage (see Resource links).  As of 2010, you can buy their set up packages for between $15 and $200.  Note that these payments are one-time charges, and there are no subsequent monthly bills.

Step 2

Wait for your ordered phone to arrive.  Upon receiving the package, check the contents and make sure that they are complete by comparing them with the literature that is provided along with the package.  Should any discrepancies be present, contact the service's company immediately.

Step 3

Plug the provided USB device into your computer's USB port.  Note that it is best that you avoid using multi-port USB hubs, as they can greatly affect the quality of connection required.

Step 4

Plug your phone into the USB device. Wait for the installation to start automatically.  You may see some paid advertisements on your computer monitor first, but after a while, a loading screen should pop out signifying the progress of the installation. Just follow the step-by-step prompts presented.  Once you are done, a window with a number pad will appear on your screen.

Step 5

Dial the number that you wish to call and click "Send."  Pick up your phone and wait for the software to connect.  You can now make calls free of charge.