How to Get Free Satellite TV

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Increasing demand for satellite TV has seen the growth of fierce competition between the satellite TV giants-Dish Network and DirecTV. Competition has made the providers come up with lucrative strategies to win customers. Regardless, consumers are in a win-win situation, because these providers also offer free services. Here's how you can you can get free equipment and even free service.

Step 1

Gather basic information about the provider. DirecTV, for instance, is the oldest and the largest satellite TV provider. Although DirecTV has a larger client base, Dish Network is rated better in customer satisfaction.

Step 2

Call their toll-free telephone numbers or browse through their websites for detailed information about various deals in the market. First time subscribers typically get all the equipment free, including a dish antenna, satellite TV receivers, digital video recorder (DVRs) and HDTV receivers. As a bonus, providers send over professionals to install the dish and receivers free of cost at the subscriber location. Installation also includes a free demo of the equipment.

Step 3

Dish Network and DirecTV have similar deals differing in number and type of free receivers offered. For example, Dish Network subscribers get up to two DVRs and two HDTV receivers. DirecTV offers only one DVR and HDTV receiver. A DirecTV DVR receiver comes with TiVo for enhanced television viewing. Both the providers offer up to four free satellite TV receivers.

Step 4

Assess the latest offers. Aside from luring new customers with free equipment and installation, satellite TV providers offer a bunch of goodies, including satellite radio and home theater systems. Other offers may comprise free Internet connectivity, free upgrades to premium packages, lifetime warranty, and a reduced monthly fee for a specific duration.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ordering online is more likely to fetch you the latest and best deals. If you can, order your satellite TV online.
  • Deals cut down the cost of buying a dish antenna and associated equipment. However, subscribers always have to pay a monthly fee to continue watching satellite TV. No deal gives customers a free lifetime subscription to satellite TV.
  • Save yourself from being caught by fraudulent services. Always opt for authorized retailers of reputed satellite TV companies. Dealers known for offering best deals are AllSat for Dish Network and RapidSatellite for DirecTV.
  • Free subscriptions are available for select packages only
  • HDTV receivers function only with a high definition TV.
  • DirecTV subscribers initially pay for the DVR and HDTV receivers, which come with a mail-in-rebate, making them free after users claim the rebate.