How to Get Free T-Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi Access

By Herman Cruz

If you want to get some work done but are sick of being cooped up in your home or office, there are options for you. Bring along your laptop as you head out to a coffee shop, bookstore, mall or even some outdoor locations, and enjoy the company of other humans while you keep up with your workload. Stay connected by using free T-Mobile Wi-Fi.

Things You'll Need

  • Wi-Fi enabled device

Step 1

Bring your laptop, PDA, smartphone or any Wi-Fi enabled device to any place that is labeled as a T-Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (see Resources).

Step 2

Use your phone, laptop or Wi-Fi enabled device to navigate to the "Settings" application. From here, click on "Wi-Fi" and be sure that the "Wi-Fi" option is set to the on position in your device. Once you close out of the "Settings" application on your device, the Wi-Fi should kick in and you should have no problem at all surfing the Internet. If you're not sure if your laptop has a built-in Wi-Fi card, you need to find out.

Step 3

Check your computer for any sticker that says "Intel Centrino." This would indicate that you have a built-in wireless card. Seeing an aerial pointed downward on the back of your laptop may also indicated you laptop is Wi-Fi enabled. Other laptops have a button on the outer edges or a keyboard key with a Wi-Fi icon, which looks like a dot with three curved lines on each side. You can also check your laptop's device manager by going to the "Start" menu, clicking on "My Computer," selecting "Manage" and clicking on "Device Manager." Click then on the "Hardware" tab and look under the list labeled "Network Adapters" for an adapter labeled "802.11" or "wireless." This will let you know if your laptop is Wi-Fi enabled. Adapters named "10/100" or"Ethernet" are not related to wireless compatibility.

Step 4

Bring your laptop, phone or preferred Wi-Fi enabled device to any location that is advertised as a free T-Mobile Wi-Fi location. There are dozens of these locations in most cities and even in smaller towns throughout the United States. Bookstores such as Border's and Barnes and Noble are free hotpots, as are Hyatt Hotels and Red Roof Inns. Before you connect, though, be sure to double-check with the location to see if the Wi-Fi is free to use.