How to Get Millions of Tix in Roblox Without Hacks

By Danielle Gream

Roblox is an online gaming community that allows players to build "places" for other players to visit. Players also collect and exchange two types of virtual currency: Robux and tickets. Though rumors of free currency often circulate, no way exists to get Robux currency for free. You can take several steps to build up your Robux tickets quickly.

Step 1

Log in to your Roblox account daily. Members who sign in daily receive 10 tickets.

Step 2

Create a place for other members to visit. Each time another player visits your place, you receive one ticket. You can also enter your places into contests to win tickets and other prizes. Click the "Contest" tab in the navigation bar to find a contest.

Step 3

Join the Builder's Club. In addition to expanded privileges, a member of Roblox's paid Builder's Club earns a daily allowance of 15 Robux, whether he logs in daily or not. You can exchange Robux for tickets.

Step 4

Sell clothing. Members of Roblox's Builder's Club are able to design and sell clothing to other players for Robux or tickets. After designing a shirt or a pair of pants, click "Configure this item." In the new window that appears, scroll down to and select the "Sell this item" box. Select the "Tickets" box. Enter the amount of tickets you want to sell your item for and click "Update."

Step 5

Exchange your Robux for tickets. Click the "My Roblox" tab in the navigation bar and select "Money" from the secondary navigation bar. Click "Trade Currency" in the My Money section to the right. The left column shows a listing of other players interested in exchanging tickets for Robux, along with the exchange rates offered. Submit a market or limit order to exchange your Robux for tickets. Be cautious when exchanging currency, as some players may request a higher exchange rate than others. Finding the lowest exchange rate means you receive more tickets in the exchange.