How to Get Music From Rhapsody to iPod

Formerly owned by RealNetworks, Rhapsody operates a subscription-based online music service and sells individual songs. Rhapsody subscribers can stream songs while online and download them for offline listening both on PC and on iOS devices including the iPod Touch. The Rhapsody software cannot transfer music to other types of iPod, such as the iPod Classic, but if you purchased MP3s through Rhapsody. you can use iTunes to sync them with your iPod.

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You can't use a Rhapsody subscription with an iPod Nano.
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Streaming With the Rhapsody App

Using Rhapsody with an iPod Touch requires the Rhapsody app, which you can download free on the App Store. Log in with your Rhapsody account or Facebook account if you subscribed to Rhapsody with a Facebook login. The home screen of the app shows recommended music. To find other songs, swipe in from the left to open the menu. Tap "Browse" to look through the catalog or "Search" to find a particular item. Tap on any song to begin playback.

Downloading and Offline Listening

To download an individual song, tap the "+" icon by its name and then press "Download." To save an entire album or playlist, tap the down arrow above the track list. After your music downloads, open the menu and tap "My Music." Open the "Downloads" tab to see all your downloaded music sorted by playlist, album and artist. You can listen to downloaded songs without an Internet connection as long as you have an active Rhapsody subscription.

Rhapsody App Warnings

Streaming or downloading songs with Rhapsody can quickly use up your mobile data, so unless you have an unlimited data plan, you might want to download your music while on a Wi-Fi connection. In the app's settings, you can set streaming to play lower quality music to use less data or turn on "Download Over Wi-Fi Only." Songs downloaded through Rhapsody only work within the Rhapsody app -- you can't export them to the Music app. The Rhapsody app contains its own playlists, music player and equalizer, and it works with AirPlay and Bluetooth speakers.

Syncing Purchased MP3s

MP3 files purchased from Rhapsody do not require an active Rhapsody subscription or the Rhapsody app. While the Rhapsody PC software does not support syncing with an iPod directly, you can copy MP3s into iTunes: Open the "Rhapsody" folder within in the "My Music" folder in Windows to find your songs and drag them into iTunes to import them to your library. Afterward, connect any type of iPod to sync your songs.