How to Get PDF Files on the Kindle

By Meaghan Ellis

The Kindle is a wireless, electronic book reader designed and manufactured by Amazon. Although the Kindle is widely known as an e-book reader, it can be used to store and view other types of files as well. PDF files, which are among the most common files to be transferred to the Kindle, can be placed on the device using its USB cable. But first, they must be sent to your Kindle as an attachment via email powered by Amazon. Amazon converts the PDF file to the default format that is compatible with the Kindle, allowing you to use the file on the book reader.

Step 1

Connect the Kindle's USB cable to the device's USB drive. Then, secure the supplying end of the USB cable to a USB drive port on the computer.

Step 2

Access your Kindle email address user account.

Step 3

Compose a new email. Type the email address "" in the "To" data field. Leave the subject line blank, and proceed to add the attachment.

Step 4

Click the "Attach," "Attachment" or "File" option on your emailing platform. Then, locate and select the PDF file from your computer when the folder path directory pops up.

Step 5

Select the "Send" action once the attachment has been successfully added to the email. After approximately 30 to 60 seconds, a new email with the converted PDF will be sent to your Kindle email address's inbox from the Amazon Kindle Support Center.

Step 6

Open the new email from the Amazon Kindle Support Center. Download the attached file in the email and store it to your computer's hard drive. The attachment in the email should be formatted as an AZW file, the format Kindle files use.

Step 7

Locate the AZW file once you've stored it to your computer. Right-click the file and click "Copy."

Step 8

Right-click the Amazon Kindle's removable disk drive. Click "Paste" to copy the newly converted PDF file to the Kindle as an AZW.

Tips & Warnings

  • All PDF files must be converted properly before they can be transferred to the Kindle. If you attempt to place the PDF on the Kindle without converting it, you will not be able to access and view the file successfully.