How to Get Rid of Old TVs

By J. Johnson

Your old television set might have been sitting in your closet or garage ever since you replaced it with a thinner, sleeker model. If you have an old TV, take time to get rid of it the right way. After all, a working TV might be of use to someone else. Donating or recycling your old TV are better options than throwing it out with your regular trash.

Step 1

Check to see if your old TV still works. Plug it in and turn it on. If it works, you have more disposal options.

Step 2

Give the old TV to someone you know who might be able to use it. Just because it's old and outdated to you, doesn't mean it will be to your nephew getting his first apartment.

Step 3

Donate the old TV to charity. Donation centers run by the Salvation Army, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity would be happy to accept an older working TV set.

Step 4

Contact the manufacturer of the TV and ask if it has a recycling program. Some manufacturers will send you materials needed to send the TV back to them.

Step 5

Check with area electronics stores. Many have recycling programs for TVs.

Step 6

Contact a recycling center that accepts large electronics. You can find recycling centers through resources such as Earth Call ahead to make sure they will accept your old TV.