How to Get Someone's Text Messages Sent to Your Phone

By Jaime Swanson

Important information, such as addresses of the people you're planning to visit or a reminder to pick up groceries, are often sent via text message. If this information was shared with someone else, you might need to get them to forward the message from their phone to your own. Make sure the person whose text message you need has your phone number, and request they send you the message as soon as they can.

Step 1

Talk to the person whose text message you need sent to your phone. Ask them to forward the message; if they don't know how, instruct them.

Step 2

Open the message you need forwarded to you.

Step 3

Press "Menu." Select "Forward" to forward the message.

Step 4

Enter your phone number in the "Send To" field. Press "Send" to send the message to your phone.