How to Get Substantial Views on eBay

By Techwalla Contributor

Virtually anything and everything is sold on eBay, from DVDs, cars and camping equipment to beauty products, antiques and toys. Because eBay is one of the world's largest and most popular online marketplaces, it's essential for sellers to optimize their visibility on the site. A few tried-and-true tips will help you reach your target audience and increase views of your listings.

Step 1

Find other products similar to yours and read their descriptions. Take note of words that come up multiple times. You will want to use these words as well as ones that will help make your items stand out. Make sure the categories you choose are specific and the titles and descriptions you write are clear and complete.

Step 2

Add pictures, and make sure they are clear and display items from the best angles. Without pictures, some potential buyers will pass right by your items.

Step 3

Place items you feel could be of high value as featured items. This will cost more, but you will get many more views and increase your profit potential.

Step 4

Strive for good eBay feedback. Usually anything above a 95 percent positive feedback rating is good. Even if you have a product listed at a great price, potential buyers will not be as willing to take a chance if you have a low feedback rating.

Step 5

Remove shipping costs and factor them into the prices of items instead. Potential buyers are more willing to spend if they think they're not paying for shipping and handling.

Step 6

Place a link on your products page that leads to more items you are selling; don't just use the link that says "view seller's other items." Make the link more descriptive and give it personality. Cross-promotion is key.

Tips & Warnings

  • The more expensive the item, the better it is to add pictures, videos, etc. This will increase your earning potential.
  • Make sure the items you intend to sell are not on eBay's prohibited and restricted list.
  • Do not overspend when trying to sell inexpensive items. You never want to spend more than the final sales price.