How to Get the Best Deal on Time Warner Cable

By Darrin Meyer

Digital cable is a must-have for millions of TV fans, with hundreds of channels, high definition video, on-demand programming, and other interactive features. One downside though is the hefty monthly payments that can come with it. If you live in an area served by Time Warner Cable, there are ways to go about getting a good deal, even if you want more than the bare-bones basic package.

Comparison Shopping

Step 1

Find out the current rates for Time Warner's competitors--DirecTV, Dish Network and other cable companies, if more than one is available where you live. Note the prices for different programming packages, premium channels, equipment and any other services you are interested in.

Step 2

Call Time Warner Cable and speak to a sales representative about Time Warner's current rates and any special offers. Mention the competitors' rates and see what they can do to match them. Though they may not beat the other prices, especially with the introductory rates of DirecTV and Dish Network, it can be a good way to get them to offer lower unadvertised rates.

Step 3

Subscribe to a competitor for a period of time. If you were previously a Time Warner customer, the company will at times offer even better rates later for you to switch back. However, as Time Warner is a large corporation, special offers may vary or not be available in some areas. It all depends on the competition in your particular area.

Other Methods

Step 1

Get Time Warner's bundling package, which includes cable, high-speed Internet and/or home telephone service. It will mean a higher overall bill to Time Warner than if you only had cable TV, but it should work out to lower rates for each service, and less overall bills to pay if you were previously getting internet or telephone service from a different provider.

Step 2

Find out about any price-lock guarantees. Though this may not mean lower rates, it will keep your bill from going up for at least a year or two, depending on the time period offered.

Step 3

Wait for a better offer. Time Warner periodically offers limited-time specials; keep your eye out for one that fits your needs.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check out websites like to see what specials may currently be offered by Time Warner and other cable providers.
  • If you can do without the receiver box/DVR and remote control, either by only having basic cable or purchasing TIVO, that will save a few dollars each month from your Time Warner bill.
  • Be aware of higher rates that will take effect after any special introductory period ends, and for any penalties or fees that may be incurred by changing TV providers.

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