How to Get to the BIOS in a ThinkPad Edge

By David Clair

The ThinkPad Edge series of laptop computers by Lenovo includes a wide range of sizes and configurations. Each model uses a Basic Input/Output System for configuring hardware settings. Depending on how you use the ThinkPad Edge, the default BIOS settings may not be sufficient. After you access the BIOS, you can make changes as needed.

Step 1

Turn the ThinkPad Edge computer on. Restart the system if it's already running.

Step 2

Press the "F1" key as soon as the "ThinkPad" logo appears on the display.

Step 3

Type the supervisor password in the field provided if applicable. A password prompt appears only if a supervisor password has been set. Press "Enter."

Step 4

Press the "F10" key when finished to save changes and exit the BIOS.