How to Get Wireless Internet Service For Free

By Techwalla Contributor

Most people do not know that if you have a wireless adapter on your lap top computer, then you can pick up wireless internet service as long as it within range. Most cities have businesses and stores that have wireless internet service and by using your wireless internet adapter, you can pick up the wireless internet waves of the closest wireless internet host. If you live in the city or you are going to the city try following these steps for getting wireless internet service for free.

Things You'll Need

  • Laptop or desktop computer with wireless adapter.

Step 1

-STEPS TO GETTING WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICE FOR FREE-You can get wireless internet service if you live in the city or you are going to a city and you have a desktop or laptop computer with a wireless adapter built in to your computer. Especially around hospitals and restaurants. Step one is to go to your start button on your computer and click on your wireless internet adapter or wireless internet program.

Step 2

Next, once that you have your wireless internet adapter window open, make sure the wireless section is turned on.

Step 3

Next, click on the "search for wireless network" button or whatever wireless search button your wireless program offers.

Step 4

Next, your wireless adapter will now search for any wireless networks within a 1 mile radius.

Step 5

Lastly, once your wireless adapter has picked up a wireless signal it will prompt you to connect to it. Connect to the wireless signal and now you can open up your browser and use the internet by using wireless internet service for free.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also add and save the wireless internet services to your wireless internet adapter.
  • If the wireless internet service that your adapter picks up has security enabled, then you will not be able to connect to the wireless internet. Refresh the wireless internet adapter and do another search for another wireless internet signal to use.
  • A lot of restaurants and hospitals have wireless internet service, so if you live nearby one of the two you can usually get the wireless internet service.