How to Get Your Google Voice Account Set Up

By Techwalla Contributor

According to its website, "Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones." A nice tool, considering most of us have at least three phone numbers (home, cell, work). Google Voice assigns a phone number to "you," instead of assigning the number to your cell phone or your home address. This way, all you need to do is route all of your phone numbers through your Google Voice number and you can receive all calls at one location.

Things You'll Need

  • A successful google voice invite email.

Step 1

Sign up for Google Voice on Fill out the application and submit it for approval. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email from Google. Click on the link inside the email to set up your specific Google voice account. Enter your Gmail address and password.

Step 2

Select your phone number. You can choose to enter the area code you would prefer, and/or a word you would like have affiliated to your phone number. For instance, if you are setting up Google voice for a veterinary business, you can select a phone number that incorporates the word "vet" into it.

Step 3

Select the number you like and click "Continue." Create a 4-digit pin number. This will be the number to access your voice mail. Accept Google's terms and click "Continue."

Step 4

Enter the number that will be used for forwarding calls. Your Google voice number is just a gateway. For instance, when someone calls your Google voice number, the call is automatically forwarded to your cell phone or your office.

Step 5

Click "Continue" and read the prompt that Google is about to confirm your forwarding phone number. Confirm the number by picking up the call and entering the 2-digit code that Google randomly picks for you. When you enter the code, Google will prompt you to set up your voice mail and so on. You may do so right then or later if you prefer.

Step 6

Add other phone numbers. Keep in mind that as you add forwarding numbers, you must be able to answer that call and enter the code to validate the forwarding.

Step 7

Click "Done" and enter the dashboard system of Google voice. The first screen you see is showing you the power of the transcribed voice mail system. Google takes your voice mails and translates them to actual text in an email to you.