How to Get Your MSL Code

By Anthony Markesino

Typically you need to know your MSL code when activating a phone you bought on e-Bay or to edit the dialer codes on your phone. Most of the major phone carriers will let you activate a new phone online if you know your MSL code. This will allow you to skip those long lines as a retail center and get your phone activated typically within 30 minutes of entering your code.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card

Step 1

Download GetSPC from

Step 2

Unzip the file and extract it to your SD card.

Step 3

Open your phone and remove the battery.

Step 4

Check the ESN code located on the phone where the battery is stored (write this down)

Step 5

Replace your battery.

Step 6

Install your SD card and power up the phone.

Step 7

Browse your SD card from your phone until you locate "GetSPC(PPC 2003) executable," then run it.

Step 8

In the "INPUT" field enter your ESN code in all capital letters.

Step 9

Hit "Go" and it should give you back your MSL unlocking code for your phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not call your provider asking for this, they will flag your account and give you a warning about violating Terms of Use.

References & Resources