How to Go to BIOS Setup on My IBM Thinkcentre PC

By Bonnie Conrad

Whether you use your IBM Thinkcentre PC for home, school or work, being able to get into the system BIOS can be a valuable tool. When you experience problems with your Thinkcentre PC, you can use the diagnostic tests contained within the BIOS to check the status of your system memory, hard drive and other components. You can also use the system BIOS to get the serial number of the unit when calling for tech support, as well as check the amount of RAM installed or the hard drive size.

Step 1

Shut down your Thinkcentre PC and wait for it to power down completely. Press the "Power" button and watch the screen carefully.

Step 2

Watch for a message that says "Press F1 to enter setup" or "Press F2 to enter setup." The exact key you will use depends on the model Thinkcentre PC you own.

Step 3

Tap the appropriate key repeatedly until the setup menu appears. Once the setup menu appears, you can run diagnostic tests, check the status of your system and get a list of installed hardware.

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