How to Hide a Friend's Posts on Facebook

By Lara Webster

Facebook is a fun way to keep up to date on your friends' latest adventures. Some friends, however, tend to get a little overzealous with their posts, both in quantity and content. If you are tired of reading updates from a particular friend, hide her posts instead of blocking her altogether. If you only hide her in your news feed, you still maintain your friendship on the site and can view her profile when you want to see her updates.

Step 1

Go to your Facebook page. Hover your mouse over the post of a friend in your news feed.

Step 2

Click on the small, gray "X" that appears in the top-right corner of the post.

Step 3

Select "Hide all by [Friend's Name]" from the drop-down menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • To add a friend's posts back to your news feed, go to the "Edit Options" link at the bottom of your news feed and click the "X" next to his name in the "Hide posts from" list.