How to Hide an Email Address When Sending

By Molly Prather

There are several different reasons to hide email addresses when sending emails. Whether it's to keep email addresses of recipients confidential or to copy someone on an email for proof that the email has been sent, there is one simple solution to hiding emails. Blind carbon copy or BCC can be selected when composing an email to keep recipients' emails private. This is extremely easy and thoughtful to do and your email recipients will thank you for it.

Step 1

In order to hide email addresses when sending an email, all you need to do is enter the email addresses of the recipients into the BCC section. This can be done by typing each email address individually or selecting them from your contacts.

Step 2

The person sending the email will often address it to themselves, so that the only address visible is that of the sender. When you hit "Send," no one will have access to the email list except for you.

Step 3

Etiquette is one good reason to hide emails by sending them via Blind Carbon Copy. In this day and age where everyone communicates by email and inboxes are often filled with a barrage of unwanted emails on a regular basis, it is common courtesy to Blind Carbon Copy email recipients. When email addresses are visible, often other recipients will take advantage of this and add the email addresses to their contacts. This allows them to send out emails to people who may not appreciate getting emails from random people they don't know. When in doubt, BCC.