How to Hide & Password Protect a Sheet Within Excel

By Foye Robinson

An Excel workbook can hold several worksheets. Hiding your Excel worksheet prevents others from viewing a hidden sheet in your workbook. It is not enough to hide the worksheet, however, if your goal is to protect the file. Since hidden sheets can be easily unhidden, you can password protect your sheet for added security. Protecting the worksheet with a password allows you to keep others from changing the worksheet if it’s revealed.

Step 01

Open the Excel worksheet you want to password protect and hide.

Step 11

Place your cursor on the worksheet tab at the bottom of your spreadsheet.

Step 21

Right click over the tab and choose "Protect Sheet" from the pop-up menu. The “Protect Sheet” dialog box will open.

Step 31

Add a check mark to "Protect worksheet and contents of locked cells." Insert the password you want to use into the "Password to unprotect sheet" text box.

Step 41

Choose the options you want to allow and press "OK." Re-enter your password in the “Confirm Password” dialog box and press “OK.”

Step 51

Right click on the worksheet tab again and select "Hide" from the options. The worksheet will be hidden from view.