How to Hide the Paragraph Symbol in Outlook

By Dustin Thornton

Microsoft Office programs have a "Show/Hide Paragraph" function that allows you to view (or hide) document formatting while typing. The "Show/Hide Paragraph" function shows a small dot each time you press the spacebar and shows a paragraph symbol (a backwards-facing "P") each time you press "Enter." This can be beneficial if you need to see where you've started new paragraphs and how many spaces are between words, but if you've accidentally turned on this feature, you may find it distracting and annoying. You can easily hide the paragraph symbols using a keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Outlook.

Step 1

Click anywhere in the document to place your cursor within it.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Shift" button on your keyboard. Continue holding "Ctrl."

Step 4

Press the "8" key while continuing to hold "Shift" and "Ctrl." Using this keyboard shortcut hides the paragraph symbols if they are showing or shows the paragraph symbols if they are currently hiding.

Tips & Warnings

  • This keyboard shortcut works on all versions of Microsoft Outlook and any other Microsoft Office programs that support the feature.
  • There is also a button on the Standard toolbar that allows you to show/hide paragraph marks. The button shows the paragraph symbol.