How to Hook Up a Motorola Interactive Digital Cable Box

By Ryan Mooney

A Motorola interactive digital cable box is capable of delivering video from your provider to your television. A Motorola box can be connected to any number of television types such as tube, LCD, and plasma. Motorola cable boxes are typically provided to you from your service provider (such as Comcast) and are required to view the network, on-demand and HD programming.

Things You'll Need

  • Cables (coaxial, A/V or HDMI)

Step 1

Turn off all of your television equipment to avoid any electrical issues.

Step 2

Slide your television so you can access all of the inputs on the TV. Make sure that your TV is stabilized.

Step 3

Place the Motorola box in a location close to the TV where you can reach both an electrical outlet and the television with the included cables. The cables typically range from 3 to 6 feet; extensions, if necessary, are available from electronics stores.

Step 4

Connect the coaxial cable that comes from the wall to the “TV in" or “RF in” port on the back of the cable box. You will have to screw the cable in to the port with your finger.

Step 5

Connect the cable box to the TV with the required cables. You can use either A/V cables, coaxial, or HDMI, depending on your television version. Make sure you connect the cable to an available “Video In” port on the back of the television. This is typically labeled as “Cable In,” “AV1” or “HDMI1.” For example, you would connect “AV Out” on the cable box to “AV1 In” on the television.

Step 6

Connect the electrical cable to the Motorola box and then to a working electrical socket.

Step 7

Slide the TV back to normal position so you can see the front of the screen.

Step 8

Press and hold the “Power” button to turn on the Motorola cable box.

Step 9

Wait approximately 1 minute as the cable box begins to receive programming information.

Step 10

Press the ‘Power” button on the television to turn on the TV and set the correct input for where the cable is connected (such as “Input1” if you connected to “AV1”).

Step 11

Verify that you can see a picture, and begin using your digital cable box.

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