How to Hook Up a Polaroid LCD TV to Cable

By Jesse Adams

Connecting cable to a television can seem like a difficult task to anyone who is not comfortable sorting through wires and cables. But after purchasing a cable plan from your local television provider and having received any required equipment from the provider, connecting the cable source to your Polaroid LCD HDTV simply comes down to figuring out which wires go into which sockets and which connectors you need to use. The entire experience should be relatively stress-free and you'll be able to watch your favorite programs on your Polaroid LCD TV within a few minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Active cable plan purchased from cable provider
  • Any cable box provided by cable company
  • Coaxial cable (depending on your set up)
  • Component cables (depending on your set up)
  • HDMI cable (depending on your set up)

Step 1

Examine the cable source provided by your television provider. In most cases, the company will issue a cable box. Look for available audio/video out sockets; they will be clearly labeled as "RF," "Component" or "HDMI." Depending on the model of your box, you will need a coaxial (RF) cable, a set of component cables or an HDMI cable.

Step 2

Unplug the television and the cable source to remove any risk of shock while working with various wires and cables.

Step 3

Connect one end of the appropriate cable into the RF, component or HDMI socket on your cable receiver.

Step 4

Connect the opposite end of the cable into the appropriate socket on the back of your Polaroid LCD TV. The sockets will be labeled as "RF" (coaxial), "Component In" and "HDMI In." If you are using the component in/out sockets, be certain that the colors are aligned: The blue cable should go in the blue socket; the green in the green socket; and the red in the red socket.

Step 5

Tug gently on both ends of the cable to ensure it is securely fastened in the sockets on the back of the television and cable source.

Step 6

Plug in the cable source and television to restore power.

Step 7

Turn on the television using the remote and begin watching your programs.

Tips & Warnings

  • Note that in order to receive high-definition programming, you must use either component cables or an HDMI cable; coaxial (RF) cables are not capable of handling high-definition content.
  • Before restoring power, you might also want to install any peripheral devices, such as DVD players and gaming systems, using the instructions found in the devices' User's Manuals.