How to Increase Resolution of DirecTV Satellite Receiver

By WayneC

DirecTV satellite receivers come with the ability to change the screen resolution, allowing you to see brighter and clearer pictures with higher resolutions. Depending on the type of resolutions your television supports, it is possible to adjust the resolution output of a DirecTV receiver to show a picture on the screen much better than the one you may already be viewing. Determining which resolution outputs your television supports is key. Fortunately, you can determine this with the receiver itself.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on the remote control. Press the down arrow button to highlight "Parental, Fav's & Setup," then press the "Select" button.

Step 2

Press the down arrow button to highlight "System Setup," then press "Select." Press the down arrow button to select "HDTV," then press "Select."

Step 3

Press the up arrow button to highlight the tabs, then press the right arrow button to highlight the "TV Resolutions" tab.

Step 4

Use the arrow keys to highlight each resolution option that you see listed. Press "Select" and the receiver determines if your television supports the resolution selected. If it does, you see a message confirming that it does. If it does not, you see a message confirming it does not.

Step 5

Note the highest resolution your television supports. The 480i and 480p resolutions are the lowest that can be supported, while the 1080i and the 1080p resolutions are the highest that can be supported. If your television does not support 1080 at all, then 720p is the highest resolution you can get. If neither 720p or 1080 are supported, 480p is the highest you can get.

Step 6

Look on the front panel of your DirecTV receiver. Below the "Guide" button you should see a button labeled "Resolution," with four numbers next to it. The numbers should read "480i," "480p," "720p" and "1080i." Press the "Resolution" button until the LED light above the highest resolution your TV supports shines green.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your television supports all the resolution formats, you can select "All" from the "TV Resolutions" tab. This allows you to turn on "Native" mode, which automatically adjusts the receiver to the highest resolution available for a given channel on your television.