How to Insert an Arrow in Word 2007

By Caroline Jackson

Microsoft's Word 2007 software gives you the ability to add more than just letters and numbers to your document. You can also add pictures, tables and symbols to create unique, content-rich documents. Arrows, fractions, monetary signs, scientific symbols and international characters are a few of the examples Microsoft mentions on its website as available in Word 2007. These symbols come as a built-in font that you can add through the "Symbols" group.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab. Find the "Symbols" group.

Step 3

Click the "Symbol" icon and select "More Symbols" from the drop-down list. This opens the "Symbols" window.

Step 4

Click the drop-down arrow in the "Subset" box. Scroll down the list and click "Arrows."

Step 5

Click on an arrow in the box of available symbols.

Step 6

Click "Insert," then "Close."

Tips & Warnings

  • Microsoft suggests using the Times New Roman or Arial, which they call expanded fonts, to gain access to the "Subset" option in the "Symbols" window.