How to Insert an EndNote Reference into a Microsoft Word Document

By Contributing Writer

EndNote is bibliography software that makes reference lists easy to create and modify as you work on a document. You can also manage references, citations within the text, footnotes and endnotes with the EndNote software. It links directly to word processing programs, allowing you to seamlessly add and format references. EndNote libraries can be shared and combined among different people using different computers. Adding a citation to a Microsoft Word document requires only a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word
  • EndNote software

Step 1

Place your cursor where the reference is to be inserted. Click "Find Citations" (the magnifying glass) on the EndNote toolbar.

Step 2

Type keywords related to the reference you are looking for into the search field. Choose words that will narrow your search, such as author's name, year or a word in the title of the reference.

Step 3

Select the correct reference from the list generated and click "Insert." The reference will be added within the text and the full citation will appear at the end of your document.

Step 4

Click "Format Bibliography" on the EndNote toolbar to change the format of the reference (such as switching between author, year and superscripted numbers). Use the drop-down menu to select the style you want next to "With Output Style:"

Tips & Warnings

  • To move the reference list to somewhere besides the end of the document, click anywhere within the list and drag it to the appropriate place. Cut and paste does not work.
  • Do not use EndNote while Track Changes is turned on. An EndNote reference is made up of many macros and Track Changes will try to record every insertion, often leading to Microsoft Word crashing.