How to Insert Bullets in Powerpoint

By Filonia LeChat

Even if you've never created your own Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you may be familiar with the software's standard slide show interface. Information is gathered on the slides and broken out into bullets, which hold short details or sentences. Breaking your slides up into bullets helps your audience read the information, which may be presented on an overhead projector. Instead of large, dense paragraph blocks of text, bullets highlight your most important points. Create your own PowerPoint slides with bullets with just a couple of clicks through the program's toolbars.

Step 1

Open PowerPoint, which automatically defaults a single slide template on the screen.

Step 2

Click the "Click to add title" text box in the center of the slide. Type your lines of text, pressing the "Enter" button on the keyboard to give yourself a line break.

Step 3

Increase the size of the text box by clicking one of the corners and dragging it to make it bigger. Otherwise, as you type, the text box will auto-adjust your words so they become smaller to fit the size of the box.

Step 4

Highlight all of the lines of text, right-click the highlighted section and select "Paragraph." Pull down the "Alignment" menu and select "Left" and click "OK." The text lines up on the left side of the slide.

Step 5

Right-click the highlighted words again and click "Bullets." Select one of the bullets from the "Bullets" submenu, such as a solid circle, check mark or triangle. Click on the bullet option and the text automatically has bullets inserted to its left.