How to Install a Wireless Driver in Linux

By Abraham Hovey

With dozens of versions of the Linux operating system available, it can be hard to know beforehand if the version you decide to use will support your wireless card without modifications. Many mainstream distributions like Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSUSE offer users access to software repositories containing various drivers for wireless cards. The most reliable way to install a wireless driver is to use Ndiswrapper, a tool that can install Windows device drivers on computers running Linux operating systems.

Step 1

Open a command shell. In Ubuntu Linux, the path is "Applications > Accessories > Terminal." Type "apt-get install ndiswrapper" and "apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils." This installs Ndiswrapper and the necessary software utilities.

Step 2

Download the driver for your wireless card. A list of devices and drivers is provided in the Resources section of this article. Place the driver in your Home folder.

Step 3

Type "sudo ndiswrapper -i /home/wireless.inf" (without quotes), replacing "wireless.inf" with the name of your driver, and press "Enter." Your wireless driver will be installed.