How to Install Acrobat Reader ActiveX

By Jessica Johnson

ActiveX controls are programming tools that function to aid web developers in making more efficient programs and applications. This enables users to access certain features on websites like forums and videos and to create/edit online forms. However, Internet Explorer is the only web browser that supports ActiveX controls. If you are trying to view a website with ActiveX tools, you will need to use Internet Explorer. If you have Internet Explorer, you do not need to install ActiveX for Adobe Reader because it comes pre-installed with the browser, but you might need to enable the controls and plug-ins.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer

Step 1

Open the web page you would like to view in Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Click "Tools" on the toolbar at the top of the Internet Explorer browser. This will bring up a drop-down box.

Step 3

Click "Internet Options." This will bring up the Internet Options window.

Step 4

Click the "Security" tab, then select the "Internet" icon.

Step 5

Click the "Custom level" button. This brings up the Security Settings-Internet Zone window.

Step 6

Scroll down until you see the "ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins" option.

Step 7

Check the box beside "Enable" under the "Automatic Prompt for ActiveX controls."

Step 8

Verify all the other settings for ActiveX are on "(Recommended)."

Step 9

Click "OK" to close the Security Settings-Internet Zone window. Then click "OK" to close out of the Internet Options window. ActiveX will now prompt you to allow access when viewing sites that use Adobe Reader.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not give ActiveX controls permission to run on unknown or untrusted websites.