How to Install AT&T Uverse

By LaoA

AT&T provides its subscribers with the opportunity to enhance the quality of their TV experience with its U-verse package. This service comes with a special box that attaches directly to your high-definition TV. If you have the HDMI cables and power cord, you can install AT&T U-verse very easily.

Things You'll Need

  • HDMI cables

Step 1

Insert your power cord into the slot called "Power +12 DC" on the rear portion of the U-verse receiver device. Then insert the opposite end of the power cord into the wall. Insert your coaxial cable into your "TO Wall" slot on the rear portion of your U-verse receiver device.

Step 2

Plug your HDMI cable into the port with the same name on the rear portion of your TV set. Insert the opposite end of the cable into your U-verse receiver's HDMI slot. Use the remote control to tune to channel 3.

Step 3

Push "OK" and "Menu" on the remote control of your U-verse. Push your down arrow and then "OK" to highlight the "Options" function. Press "System Settings," "OK" and finally choose the "Aspect Ratio" option.

Step 4

Locate the "TV screen ratio" you desire to use and press "OK." Adjust the TV picture via the "Start Test" and "OK" functions. When you obtain a picture that you like, press "Keep settings" and "OK" to conclude the process.

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