How to Install AVG Free Anti-Virus Software

By Amanda Kondolojy

The AVG Antivirus program is fairly popular, but if you aren't so keen on paying the $60 license fee, there is a free "basic" version available. This version can best be described as a bare-bones version of the original and has limited options. However, it does provide solid anti-virus support and is definitely worth downloading if your computer is not protected.

Step 1

Go to the free AVG anti-virus website (see Resources). There are no links on the main page, so it is important that you go straight to the free website.

Step 2

Scroll to the left side of the page and select the "basic" version of the program. You will be redirected to a CNet download site.

Step 3

Confirm the download and then run the installer. You will be able to set your anti-virus settings during the install or you can choose to set them later.

Step 4

Once the install finishes, restart your computer. After your computer boots back up, open AVG and run the anti-virus.

Step 5

Set a weekly schedule for AVG to run before closing the program. Once you finish that, you will be done with AVG and will not need to open it again unless you wish to run a manual virus scan or change your settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • The AVG anti-virus software does update frequently, but it doesn't always automatically detect updates. It is best to monitor the website for updates and fixes.

References & Resources