How to Install Different Screen Savers in My Kindle

By Kathy Burns-Millyard

The Amazon Kindle comes with a pre-installed set of generic, book and author-related screen savers that are artwork in and of themselves. One of the first things many new Kindle owners want to do, though, is install their own custom screen savers.Some want to be able to create a "book plate" of sorts that displays their name, address and other contact information if the Kindle is lost or stolen, while others would like to display images of friends and family.Amazon does not provide instructions for putting your own custom screen savers onto your Kindle and does not provide support for the process if you take it upon yourself to make the changes. These changes won't void your warranty, but you do make them at your own risk.

Step 1

Press the "Home" button on your Kindle, then press the "Menu" button and select "Settings." At the bottom right side of the screen, make sure it shows "Version: Kindle 2.3."

Step 2

Visit in your web browser, and download "" to your hard drive.

Step 3

Unzip or extract those files using Windows Explorer or any unzipping software tool such as the free 7zip available at

Step 4

Find the appropriate file for the type of Kindle you have: update_screensaverhack-install-dx.bin for the Kindle DXupdate_screensaverhack-install-k2.bin for the Kindle 2 USupdate_screensaverhack-install-k2i.bin for the Kindle International (Global)

Step 5

Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable. If asked how to open the device, select the "View Folders" option.

Step 6

Copy the appropriate bin file from step 4 into the main top level folder on your Kindle device. Copy only the one for your specific Kindle, not the others.

Step 7

Open the "system" folder on your Kindle, and create a new folder inside named "screen_saver" without the quotation marks.

Step 8

Copy your new screen saver images into that screen_saver folder. Make sure your images are 600 by 800 pixels in size, and in PNG format.

Step 9

Unplug your Kindle from the USB cable, press the "Home" button and then the "Menu" button.

Step 10

Select "Settings," then press the "Menu" button again and select "Update Your Kindle." Once the update is complete, the Kindle will restart and you will see your custom screen savers being used.