How to Install the Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy

By Palmer Owyoung

The Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy is an application that can be installed on your phone and used to secretly connect to a person's phone to keep tabs on him and find out who he is communicating with. This tool can be useful for keeping an eye on your spouse if you suspect that he is cheating on you or to watch your children and make sure that they are not talking to strangers.

Things You'll Need

  • Winzip

Step 1

Download the application to your PC and unzip the files to your desktop. A .jad and .jar file will appear on your desktop.

Step 2

Connect your cell phone to your PC using the USB cable that came with it. Wait for your computer to recognize it.

Step 3

Go to "Computer" on your desktop and look under "Removable Drives." You will see your phone icon. Double-click on the icon and you will see the phone's folders. Find the one that says "Other Files."

Step 4

Highlight the .jad and .jar fles on your desktop and drag and drop them to the "Other Files" folder.

Step 5

Turn your phone off and restart it. Go to your phone's "Menu" and to "Games and Applications" and scroll down to "Install New." Click on "E-Spy" and click on "Install." The application is now installed.