How to Install the Windows CE 5.0 Core Version

By Emma Nichols

Windows CE 5.0 is an operating system by Microsoft designed specifically for computers with more minimal settings and embedded systems. It is a basic version of Windows for desktops. If you would rather have a simpler operating system on your computer, you can install only the basic parts of the Windows CE program by purchasing an installation disc

Things You'll Need

  • Windows CE installation disc

Step 1

Insert the Windows CE installation disc in your computer. A "Welcome to Microsoft Windows CE" window will open.

Step 2

Select "Install" in the welcome window. Click "Next."

Step 3

Scroll through the user license agreement and click, "I accept the terms in the license agreement." Click "Next."

Step 4

Type your name, the name of your company, and the product key located on the installation disc's packaging in the appropriate "Customer Information" fields. Click "Next."

Step 5

Choose "Standard," rather than "Custom" in the "Setup Type" window. This will only download the core parts of Windows CE that are necessary to run it. Click "Next."

Step 6

Select "This feature will be installed on the local hard drive" in the next window and click "Next."

Step 7

Select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" in the following window. Click "Next."

Step 8

Click "Install" in the "Ready to Install" window. When it is finished installing, click "Finish" to close the installation wizard and run Windows CE.