How to Install/Uninstall Video Card Drivers

By braniac

Learn how to properly install/uninstall a video card driver on your PC.

Things You'll Need

  • Fair knowledge with computers and Windows OS

Step 1

First-time install:If your video card is brand spankin' new (out of the box), expect to find a drivers disc included in the package. Please note that before installing the card's drivers, first you need to have the video card physically integrated in your computer. Refer to the external links below (Resources section) for more assistance on this.

Step 2

If you had a prior video card installed on your computer, it is very important that you first remove that card's drivers before preceding with the new one. To do so, perform the following:- Go to Start menu>Control Panel>System.- Within System, click on the "Hardware" tab, followed by "Device Manager."- Click on the "Display Adapters" located on the list of features here.You should see the old card's name listed. Right-click the name, and select "Uninstall."- Restart your computer.Proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Simply insert the configuration disc onto your computer, and an auto run process should automatically start the disc's contents. Here you will have the chance to install the card's drivers. The instructions are fairly easy during this process:Close all your applications, and follow the prompts given by the setup procedure (usually asking to install optional packages, or simply stating to click on the "Next" button.)When finished, restart your computer. =====================================YOU ARE NOW DONE. See steps below for a different scenario (not applicable to everyone.)

Step 4

Now, if you had an existing card on your computer, but happens to lack its drivers (no disc available) or you're unable to find the card's manufacturer/brand:Go to Start menu>Control Panel>Display.Click on the Settings tab, followed by "Advanced." Within here, click on the "Adapter" tab.You should see the video card's manufacturer here.

Step 5

If the step above does NOT list the card's manufacturer, you may download and install an application called "EVEREST" (formerly known as Aida32.) This program will scan your entire PC, including all hardware, and in turn will provide you with the card's maker.See external links/resources for application download.

Step 6

Now that you have the name of the video card's manufacturer, go to their website, and visit their general "Support" area. This area should provide you with easy access to the card's drivers. Download the corresponding drivers from the site, and install them the same way as directed in the third step of this article (follow prompts, finish, restart your computer.)

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not install drivers for a video card while another unrelated/existing card is installed. Make sure that whatever drivers are being installed actually belong to the card on your PC. Otherwise, a display conflict may occur.