How to Invert Colors on Windows XP

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Color and contrast make a huge difference in the visibility of your computer screen. If you're having trouble viewing items on your computer or just like experimenting with color, inverting the colors on your screen may be the perfect solution.

Step 1

Go to your "Start" menu and click on "Control Panel."

Step 2

Click the link called "Accessibility Options."

Step 3

Choose the task entitled "Adjust the contrast for text and colors on your screen."

Step 4

Check the option "Use High Contrast" at the top of the page under the "Display" tab.

Step 5

Open the "Settings" link to specify how you want your screen to look. Click "OK;" your current screen will close and you will be back on the "Display" tab.

Step 6

Allow the changes and keep your "Display" window open by clicking "Apply," which is helpful if you want to experiment with the contrasts. If you already know which setting you want and don't need the screen to remain open, click "OK." A small rectangle with the words "Please Wait" appears in the middle of your screen and then the inverted color scheme goes into effect.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can undo the changes by simply unchecking the "High Contrast" box and clicking "Apply."
  • Use a shortcut to reach the "Display" screen: left ALT+left Shift+Print Screen.
  • The color changes revert your desktop background to a bland computer template. To change your desktop back, right click on the background, choose "Properties," click "Desktop" and go from there.
  • Playing with color is very addictive and is a great time waster, so be sure to watch for your boss if you experiment with inverting the color of your work computer.