How to Join Craigslist

By Kevin Lee

You don't have to join Craigslist to sell products and services, but signing up gives you a few helpful benefits. Craigslist account holders, for instance, can manage multiple postings efficiently right from their account pages. They also have the ability to view old ads, filter them by date and delete unwanted postings quickly. To get your own account page, take a few minutes to join Craigslist.

Step 1

Visit the Craigslist account sign-up page (see Resources). An "Email Address" text box appears on that page.

Step 2

Enter the email address you wish to use for your Craigslist account.

Step 3

Locate the verification word below the "Email Address" text box. Type that word in the "Verification Word" text box, and click "Create Account." The site displays a confirmation message and sends an activation link to your email address.

Step 4

Log into your email account and search for an email from Craigslist.

Step 5

Open that email, and click the enclosed verification link. Your browser navigates to the Craigslist sign-up page.

Step 6

Think of a secure password, and enter it in the "Password" text box. Click "Submit Password and Log In." The site logs you in and displays its "Terms of Use Agreement." Read the agreement and click "I ACCEPT." Your Craigslist account management page appears.

Tips & Warnings

  • Craigslist communicates with you using the email address you provide during signup. If you have multiple email accounts, choose one that you use regularly. Interested buyers will send messages to that account.
  • If you have problems joining, send an email to requesting assistance.