How To Keep the Formulas When Deleting in Excel

By Tiesha Whatley

Clearing the values from an Excel spreadsheet but keeping the formulas comes in handy when you need to reuse a spreadsheet with the formulas intact. Even if you no longer have any use for the values, the formulas are beneficial for calculating other values that will need to be put into the spreadsheet. In Excel, there is an easy option for deleting the values while keeping the formulas. It takes only a few steps and you will be able to reuse the spreadsheet without reentering the values again.

Step 1

Open the Excel spreadsheet that has values that you want to delete.

Step 2

Press F5 on your keyboard to open the "Go To" dialog box. You can also press "Ctrl+G" to open the "Go To" dialog box.

Step 3

Click on "Special" once the "Go To" dialog box opens.

Step 4

Click the "Constants" option button on the "Special Go To" dialog box. Other options appears under "Formulas." Make sure "Numbers," "Text," "Logicals" and "Errors" have a check in the check boxes. Keep the option button next to "Formulas" clear. Click "OK." You will notice that all of the cells, except for the ones that have formulas, will be highlighted.

Step 5

Hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard. Everything in the sheet will be deleted except for the formulas; which will not be returning a value since they have no data to calculate.