How to Learn English Online for Free

By Andrew Smith

Online English tutorials are not just for individuals who do not speak the language. These lessons can be very beneficial for an elementary school student struggling with his or her English classes. While you can purchase English tutorials that can be done on the computer, these can cost you well over $100. The four websites listed in Resources below offer both text and audio lessons as well as exams. Use these resources to learn English online for free.

Step 1

Go to the Learn English Online homepage. Scroll down the page to find 11 different chapters, or "Units," of English lessons. There are both text and audio lessons on the website, and there are 52 lessons in all. To begin, click on the "Lesson 1" under the "Unit 1" heading.

Step 2

Visit the 1-Language website. Click the "Free English Course" link in the middle of the homepage. On the next page, you will find links for 70 different lessons. Click on any of the links to begin that lesson. When you wish, go back to the 1-Language homepage and click the "American English Audio Course."

Step 3

Use the Learn English Online Network website. Visit the LEO homepage and you will see several different category links, such as "English Grammar," English Vocabulary" and "English Basics." Click on one of those links and you will be able to choose from several different lessons based upon the category that you choose.

Step 4

Go to the English Grammar 4U website. Find the links on the left side of the screen underneath the "Cram Up" heading. Click on one of the links and you will come to a page with several different lessons. Click on any of the links to begin that particular lesson.