How to Learn Pastel Accounting

By Johanna Miller

Pastel accounting is a line of software programs by Sage. Sage offers several different Pastel accounting software packages. For example: My Invoicing, which is designed for customer invoices, payments and statements of start-up businesses; My Business, which is a complete business software system that manages customers, suppliers, income, expenses, and item costs; Pastel Xpress Start-Up, which is a single-user, single-company accounting software package; Pastel Xpress, which is a small business accounting package, allowing up to three users; and Pastel Partner, a multicompany, multicurrency accounting software package for one to 20 users. Training is available for all Pastel accounting programs.

Step 1

Attend a Sage-sponsored training workshop. Training courses are available for all of the company's accounting software programs. Courses range from basic bookkeeping skills, geared toward individuals who have had little or no exposure to bookkeeping, to advanced-level auditor training covering general ledger accounts, audit reports and adjusting journal entries. Select a training course based on your level of skills. Sage has a complete list of available courses on its website.

Step 2

Arrange on-site training for your facility. Independent training organizations will prepare and conduct on-site training for Pastel Accounting users. Courses can be specifically designed to meet your staff's learning needs.

Step 3

Complete an online training session. Online training is available for all aspects of Pastel Accounting programs. Training sessions are available for individual functions of the program or for the entire program. Online training is offered for a fee by Sage training partners.