How to Listen to an iPhone or iPod in a BMW Car

By Dan Lyman

IPods and iPhones are both made by Apple. The iPod is an MP3 player, and the iPhone is a smart phone with the same MP3-playing capabilities and format. Both devices can hold large quantities of digital music, making them perfect for use in a BMW, as they eliminate the possible clutter of a collection of playback mediums, like CDs or cassette tapes. An iPod or iPhone can be integrated into your listening experience in a BMW by way of a proper adapter.

Step 1

Connect the iPod or iPhone to the BMW's stereo via a cassette tape adapter, if the vehicle has a tape deck. Place the tape portion of the adapter in the stereo, and insert the other end into the headphone jack of the device. It will play through the stereo via the tape deck.

Step 2

Broadcast the signal from the iPod or iPhone via an FM transmitter. The transmitter allows you to basically pirate an empty FM radio station (one with plenty of static, not being used for an actual broadcast in your area) by beaming the iPod's output to your car antenna, which it would play over your BMW's stereo. They cost between $20 and $100, as of 2010, depending on the features and quality.

Step 3

Install an auxiliary input cable in the back of the BMW's stereo. If you do not have extensive knowledge of how to service a car stereo, you should have this done by a professional. The cable would be run from the stereo into the cabin of the BMW, allowing you to plug it into the iPod or iPhone whenever you desire to listen. The sound quality is unparalleled in the realm of iPod-to-car-stereo connections.