How to Listen to Free Online Radio

By Techwalla Internet Editor

The Internet is a great resource for music fans and talk radio lovers alike. Whether you listen to jazz, rock, pop, classical, hip-hop or world music, there are many radio stations online to suit your taste. Finding good stations with plenty of variety can be a bit tricky, but with the right tools you'll have your hands on your favorite music in no time.

Step 1

Download iTunes and browse its selection of radio stations. It's easy to use and offers streaming broadcasts in about 30 different genres, including sports and talk radio.

Step 2

Create a customized list of radio stations on Pandora. Once you input your favorite artist or composer, Pandora searches for other music based on your preferences and builds a repertoire of new music for you to explore.

Step 3

Check websites of your favorite local stations for live streaming webcasts. Most large radio stations offer a basic online broadcast that's great for listening in the office or on your home PC.

Step 4

Use an online radio station search engine to find stations near you. Radio Locator's a great choice, as it lets you search stations by genre, call letters or geographical location.

Step 5

Check out podcasts. They don't stream constantly like radio webcasts, but they do offer uniquely customized blends of music and talk programs that get updated daily. Check iTunes first for the best selection of podcasts.