How to Locate a Mobile Number in India

By Reena Das

Knowing how to locate a mobile number in India may make it easier to trace a missed call or track a call from an unknown number in that country. The Indian telecommunications department follows the 10-digit numbering plan for all cell phones in India. The department allocates the prefixes 7, 8 and 9 for the cellular numbers. You can track a mobile call in India either manually or online.

Check the Mobile Number Manually

Step 1

Check the mobile numbering format. The first two numbers denote the access code, followed by the three-digit mobile switching center code, which is the code for the service provider. The last five digits indicate the subscriber’s number.

Step 2

Skip the first two digits that give you the access code. This code has little relevance in tracing a call.

Step 3

Proceed to the next three numbers. These three numbers will tell you the state the mobile number belongs to. In addition, it also gives you the information about the service provider. For example, a call beginning with the numbers 98490 signifies that the user is registered with Bharti Mobile Ltd. in Hyderabad.

Step 4

Note the last five digits of the number. You now have the subscriber’s number.

Step 5

Locate the service provider’s customer service number from the Internet. Place a call, give them the number and ask them to lookup the subscriber for you.

Check the Mobile Number Online

Step 1

Visit websites such as or

Step 2

Type in the 10-digit mobile number in the space provided.

Step 3

Click on “Submit.” The screen will display the location and the related information of the mobile number immediately.