How to Locate My Droid

By Kimberly Turtenwald

There are many different applications for smart phones that allow you to do many different activities with your phone. These applications can do some amazing things, including finding a lost cell phone. In the past, losing a cell phone meant an exhaustive search. Today, with the right application installed on your smart phone, you can easily find your missing phone, no matter where it is. Finding a lost Droid phone is as easy as installing a phone-locating application.

Step 1

Install the "Where's My Droid?" application onto your Droid phone. This is a GPS-based application that helps you find a missing phone.

Step 2

Create a secret attention word that only you will know. This word will be the trigger that will activate the application and help you find your phone.

Step 3

Text your secret attention word to your phone when it is missing. If the phone is within hearing range, the phone will ring loudly, enabling you to pinpoint its location. However, if you have lost your phone elsewhere, the phone will text back the exact GPS location of your phone, leading you to its location.

Tips & Warnings

  • You will need another cell phone to locate your Droid phone with this application. You can borrow one from whomever you are with.